What if public relations were your gateway to the world?

Through our wide range of services, creative approaches and well-considered communicationstrategies, you gain access to the keys that will allow you to further open that gateway.

We are experienced in fields as diverse as agriculture, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, education, energy, environment, financial services, healthcare, human services, new technologies, real estate, retail, telecommunications, transportation and many more.

Audit, research and evaluation

Results-based organizations want to rely on data and measure the impact their communication efforts have on their audiences. But before knowing where you want to go, you must know where you are coming from.

Before planning a communication strategy, we develop audit tools adapted to your needs in order to determine your current positioning. Zone franche carries out qualitative and quantitative upstream research for you and measures your campaign’s results downstream.

Communication plan

Building the reputation of a company, an organization, a service or a product requires planned and orderly communication actions.

How can you stand out? How can you position your products or services? Can we identify credible experts who will provide an objective opinion on your organization or the solutions that you propose?

Analyzing the context, identifying issues, defining measurable objectives, developing the strategy, setting up an action schedule, determining key messages and the use of evaluation tools provide a clear vision of the approach to be taken.

Redaction - Adaptation - Translation

As the old saying wisely goes, “Whatever is well conceived is clearly said”. Effective communication with your audiences is based on documents written with clarity, concision and thoroughness.

Press releases, key messages, Q&As, speaking notes or pitches must produce a powerful and memorable communication. Whether to draw attention to your achievements or your products, or even to attract new talent, at Zone franche you will find quality drafting capable of seducing and convincing your audiences.

We can also adapt your documents, whether it's a matter of reorienting their content, updating them or issuing them in a new geographic region. Additionally, we can fully translate your texts from English to French and vice versa, while taking great care to preserve the original meaning, tone and style.

Internal communication

Communicating with employees has never been more important than it is now. Creative efforts must be multiplied in order to engage, retain and attract the best in this era of skilled labour shortages.

We can respond to your needs through innovative approaches to internal communications, adapted to the context of your organization, and taking into account the new reality of teleworking which is now part of companies’ daily lives.

Socio-digital communication

Today’s organizations have a multitude of social media accounts. However, do they have a strategic vision planning out how they can use these incredible communication tools? Which platforms should be prioritized? How can you reach out and engage communities?

The power of social media can just as well build or demolish reputations within a few shares. How can you participate in the conversation and actively monitor what is being said about you?

Here at Zone franche, you will find relevant answers to your questions and effective, smart ways to ensure positive impacts for your organization.

Event communications

Whether they take place virtually or in person, events continue to be a prime showcase for brand awareness. Events possess a strategic dimension that highlights your know-how, your image and your identity.

Since its very beginnings, Zone franche has stood out for its ability to give scale to its clients’ events through the rigorous management of details, a key success factor.

Launching and positioning of products and services

If advertising helps develop awareness of a product or service, public relations are what ensures their credibility with consumers.

Working with you, we can identify the distinctive elements that will contribute to their positioning with influencers and journalists active in the consumer, lifestyle, technology or business fields.

Training and coaching

Communicating effectively with your audience requires an understanding of the rules specific to your environment.

Whether it’s for a media interview, a speech during an event or in the context of professional meetings, our coaches will provide the tools, scenarios and advice to help you make an impact with your communications.

Media training, public speaking, crisis management; you will approach these communications aspects with confidence and conviction in the future.

Issues management and crisis management

Organizations are under the constant scrutiny of clients, interest groups, regulators, industry associations and employees. Companies and organizations are increasingly focusing on their social, environmental and economic responsibilities.

Zone franche offers strategic media monitoring of reputation or competition issues appearing in social and traditional media, in order to anticipate them and advise you on the correct approach to take when the time comes.

We can also develop communication plans that allow you to be better prepared if a major issue or crisis appears. Furthermore, we can assist you during these sensitive periods.

Media and influencer relations

Strong brands stand out through the attention granted to their relationships with journalists and other opinion leaders, such as influencers active in various fields. An ongoing and proactive media positioning plan contributes to building and increasing your visibility and credibility.

Launching a new product, announcing an innovation, merging with or acquiring a company, confirming a major investment or grant, positioning experts, publishing an opinion on a social or business issue that affects your activities: these approaches are all ways that bring your brand to life in the media zone. Zone franche is particularly recognized for its experience in media relations.

Graphic communication

Words say a lot, so do images! The creation of striking and effective images serves to better target your needs in terms of brand image and visual identity.

Graphic design has several branches that are essential to a successful public relations campaign. Capturing attention is an important factor in getting your message across. It is a communication tool that gives all its meaning to the saying "A picture is worth a thousand words".

Additionally, we can organize the production of visual content (short videos, animations, etc.) for social media, public presentations and other platforms or contexts.


For reasons of personnel shortage or temporary needs, we can assist you by delegating an experienced consultant to support you internally on an ad hoc basis.

Furthermore, if your company is experiencing an unexpected public relations crisis, a member of our team can work on an embedded basis with yours in order to manage communications as the situation develops and guide you toward a resolution.

“Every act of communication is a miracle of translation.” 

Ken Liu