Simone Bellay



Simone holds a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Communications from the Université de Sherbrooke and has developed her skills in this field through her involvement in a variety of projects. Her career path is distinguished by her ongoing commitment and versatility, highlighted by three varied internships in the communications field.

Simone’s interest in journalism led her to become a research assistant on a project analyzing American political coverage in Canadian print media. Through this, she gained expertise in research and knowledge of Canadian media. Additionally, Simone participated in a provincial communications competition, receiving extensive training in public speaking and writing under pressure, highlighting her attraction to public communications.

Throughout her career, Simone has also shown a keen interest in the world of events, becoming involved as vice president of partnerships in the organization of an annual gala for communications students at the Université de Sherbrooke, and working as an events intern for a young Quebec company.   

Simone is now beginning her career at Zone Franche, where she continues to develop as a public relations professional.  

Amid her many projects, Simone always finds a moment to explore new recipes and discover new culinary addresses. Passionate about gastronomy, she enjoys nurturing her creativity, and above all sharing her discoveries with those around her.

Like a duck to water

  • Media relations
  • Event management
  • Research

School days

  • Bachelor’s degree in Applied Communications, COOP program, Université de Sherbrooke

Hobbies and interests

  • Cooking
  • Music
  • Travel