Simon Faucher


From then to now

Having studied political science at Concordia University and obtained a certificate in public policy analysis from the London School of Economics and Political Science, Simon has always had a passion for public affairs and politics. During an election, he gained additional experience in this field as a campaign organizer in a candidate’s riding.

Simon also served as a regional President for another party, where he mobilized youth and motivated them to also get involved in politics. His experience led him to communications and public relations, where he developed a particular interest in strategic writing. He is involved in many sectors at Zone franche, including sports engineering, technology, culture and public affairs.

Simon is very curious by nature and loves to learn about various topics and issues. In fact, it is widely known that he constantly listens to the news on the radio! He is particularly interested in History and hockey, in addition to being an excellent reference if you want to learn more about general knowledge. What’s more, you can converse with him in several languages, including French, English and Spanish.

In his spare time, Simon practices Latin and German. A microbrewery enthusiast, he loves to discover new beers.

Like a fish in water
  • Research
  • Writing
  • Public affairs
School days
  • Bachelor of Political Science, Concordia University
  • Certificate in public policy analysis, London School of Economics and Political Science
with a passion
  • Sports (especially hockey!)
  • History
  • Languages
  • Cooking