Clément Roy

Consultant, Marketing and Digital

From then to now

Of French origin and having grown up in Quebec, and founder of Nucleus, Clément has nearly a decade’s worth of experience in the marketing and communication fields.

Passionate about technology, innovation, economics and entrepreneurship, Clément has a keen interest for the digital world and the opportunities that the field offers in terms of accelerating and amplifying awareness and public relations campaigns.

Combining a results-driven strategic vision and a touch of creative boldness, his expertise allows for event campaigns that are innovative, engaging and effective. 

Over the years, Clément has managed and contributed to the success of numerous promotional campaigns for major events, including Expo Entrepreneurs and the Jean Lapointe Foundation’s 28 Days Sober Challenge. 

Clément is very committed to his clients. During a mandate, it is not uncommon to see him join their teams, infusing the energy required to ensure the success of their projects. 

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